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Anonymous asked: apple sucks. its over rated and the only reason people buy it is because it's the phone everyone has and they wasn't to feel 'special' seriously. their computers and ipods(not touch.. maybe i mean after while they are pretty shitty) are alright but seriously god damn.

haha, I know what you mean. I had one of the first iPod nanos back in 2005, and I honestly think the quality of those devices was so much better. my iPod still works today after 9 years, and now the phones are so easy to break so you have to pay them even more money when you need repairs or an entirely new phone.

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All Time Low by darkmavis on Flickr.

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Bring Me The Horizon by connie.shao.photography on Flickr.

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@ptvjaime: Don’t judge me. At a strip club with old friends and a stripper said “i downloaded your record and masturbated to it” haha that was amazing

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keepinhappiness replied to your post: got iOS8 with 4.2GB on my phone, delet…

DUDE i deleted like 700 pictures and like 80% of the apps on my phone and i apparently stilll only have like 1.7GB of memory left i’m like THE FUCK? lol

Well, I did finally realize that I had to permanently delete all of the photos a second time because of the new “Recently Deleted” folder in the Photos app… in case someone is enough of a dumbass to actually need that. It’s ridiculous and completely defeats the purpose of deleting a photo lol, way too many privacy issues. And it never even gave me more space!! I managed to switch off the predictive typing and recent contacts being shown when you double-tap the Home button but it’s just so annoying that you can’t delete that photo folder.


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If you remove my source I will sell your soul to satan for the cheap price of $29.99 plus postage and handling. 

got iOS8 with 4.2GB on my phone, deleted over 1,300 pictures, and now I only have 3.4GB. I wanna die.

mom: how long are you going to listen to that song
me: centuries
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All Time Low // Upstate Concert Hall // NY by KatherineTarePhotography