Can we lose our minds. And call it love for the last time? My darling never rest. Until the darker gets the best of all we had. Can the cold carry on? x



Anonymous asked: I think I like this really nerdy guy that none of my friends like at all. I'm pretty sure he likes me too. The issue is I'm not sure if I should trust my own instincts or my friends instincts about him. The last guy I've dated really screwed me over so I'm very hesitant about it anyway

well I don’t think you should be hesitant just because the last guy screwed you over, I’m sure this guy isn’t like that at all. can you tell from when you guys talk whether he likes you back or not? that’s usually how I tell if a guy seems interested in me or not.

Anonymous asked: Im a very nervous/awkward individual so I find it hard to start talking to people and to make friends.. do you have any advice for that?

aw, I used to be like that too, and I kind of still am but I’m getting better. I remember someone I used to be friends with told me that the only reason we even became friends in the first place was because his mom told him, “If you don’t stop being so shy and quiet, you’re never going to get anywhere in life.” While at first I thought that was a bit harsh, it kind of started to make me think that there’s so many opportunities I could be missing because I don’t like to initiate conversations. As for the actual nervous feeling, usually I put a Tic Tac in my mouth right before I go to talk to someone I’m nervous around. For some really weird reason, it makes me feel a lot less nervous. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anonymous asked: This is a weird and depressing question for a sleepover but how do I stop being friends with people?

haha don’t worry any kinds of questions are welcome! the only way I’ve ever ended my friends is by avoiding the people and hanging out with a new friend while also ignoring them. I know it’s terrible, but honestly, there’s no real way to say “I don’t want to be friends anymore” without sending like a douchebag. so if you can say that to someone, that’s probably awesome and the best way to do it, so that they don’t get left without an explanation.

It’s Saturday so let’s have a sleepover!


of course “god” made Adam and Eve and not two people of the same gender bc he needed to POPULATE THE EARTH. saying that being gay is wrong bc god created us to reproduce is like saying a woman who never has children should go to hell